RALF TECH is, by definition, a « Niche Brand ». Independent by conviction, atypical by nature, irreverent by spirit, our Maison ignores completely the rules and diktats of marketing.

This is RALF TECH, neither follows an established school of thought nor a story already written. Watchmaking and design are at the centre, everything else is secondary. Watchmakers and designers have not only the right but also the mission to explore, invent, try ... and at the end to question everything.

RALF TECH is not destined to mass markets and big numbers. Does not strive to be common or at the wrist of everyone. It is not possible to find it in department stores, big watch chains, airports?

But you can find our unique timepieces at the wrist of the true horology enthusiast, passionate and informed.

Horology is an Art. It mixes with ease vintage and modern, tradition and technology. At RALF TECH we have expanded our horizon beyond just telling the time including the world around us and its differences.

I would like to share this vision and make you discover our « Editions Manufacture », natural extension of such concept.